here it is, your lucky number!

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

hasil tutorial pai

"...bukan soal siapa cepat tapi Allah sudah pilihkan waktu yang tepat.
Memantaskan diri itu bukan ditujukan untuk si dia tapi fokus memperbaiki diri di hadapan Allah. Kalau kita jatuh cinta, kejar cinta sang pemilik hatinya, Allah, agar yang mengejar kita ia yang mencintai Sang Maha Cinta"


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Yesterday I felt desperate to hold you. I stretched myself out on the couch and let out a hundred sighs and cries.
Yesterday, two, three, and four yesterdays I felt afraid to tell you I miss you.
Today I'll try not to wait to hear from you because the next five, six, or seven tomorrows are still going to be spent far away from you.
I will drink two cups of espresso and sit on my roof pretending to be a cloud..